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Default Re: how to make an engine quieter/stealth

Originally Posted by muddybike View Post
Well after looking at my exhaust, it would seem that its time for more of the silicon tubing from SBP, the old stuff is cracked and what not. Now I would just order it, but due to the cost of shipping I think im going to try some different options. The connector pieces are all copper , has anyone tried to solder them together, I know the exhaust mani gets hot , but hot enough to melt the solder?
To answer your question. Yes I have done that and it was an epic failure. I soldered a crack I had in my old exhaust pipe ( smacked the muffler somehow) where the weld broke. The thing was fine for all of three minutes. Solder melted right off. However, I have used "quick steel" on old car exhausts before and it worked fine. You can get some from any local auto parts shop.

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Hope it Helps. I am also a proud member of the 20 MPH. club
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