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Default Re: Integrated motor mount and jack shaft

Ok so, I'll mount it in a 24" bike, so I don't have space for it in the frame..

So I'm doing it in the baggage stuff (don't know the name for it in english), it would be something like this:

As you can see in image #4, the engine would weight to one side, disbalancing the bike, but I can't do different 'cause the chain has to be straight... And if I stretch jackshaft to fit the engine in the center of the bike, I wouldn't be able to pedal 'cause it would hit the shaft, you got it?

I will be using a 2.8 HP 4 strokes engine with 87cc, does it can handle well the bike? It this engine + jackshaft I would probably be able to climb some hills without problem?

So, any ideas to the project would be awesome, I'll take some pictures of my bike later... I'll format my computer now *-*

Thanks . :]
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