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Default Re: OP Cruiser, first build

Put another 10 miles on it. Started right up like before, first clutch dump. Roads were a little damp, so my jacket has a stripe up the back.

I see what you guys are talking about re vibration. On this about 20 is all the faster I want to go. Vibes aren't bad at that speed, but it was a good thing I returned when I did. Another 5 miles and I would have lost the kickstand...

But all the other bolts are OK, so I need to locktite that kickstand bolt for sure.

I was concerned that it wouldn't run slow, but it seems to have no problem just ideling down the road.

These things are a kick and I am looking forward to build #2 with the friction drive on the back. I think that will be much more to my taste. Maybe put the Solex on this bike and sell the happy time. That might work out cool. A rear friction drive 4 stroke and a front friction drive 2 stroke.

Yeah, these things are fun!
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