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Default Re: OP Cruiser, first build

Real nice

Went out and got a fresh gallon as planned. Checked all the bolts and put 50 psi in the tires. Poured in some gas and opened the tank valve and one drip came out as expected. Opened the carb valve and the carb filled. Pushed the primer button and gas flowed. Set the choke and pedaled down the road.

Popped the clutch and gave it some gas and off we went. First time, no problems. Pushed choke off and kept motoring. Engine very responsive to throttle. Pulled in clutch and engine died. Set idle so engine didn't die and motored off again. Put a couple miles on around the tract and then it started to drizzle so I went home. Pulled me right up the driveway nice at low speed.

I think this thing will run at 5 MPH.

Yeah Baby! It LIVES!

After the drizzle dies down a bit, I'll take it out on the road.

I shut it down in the driveway put it up on the center stand and kick started it. I like it. I feel good. All my work with careful fitting was rewarded with a first clutch dump start.

I admit to having my doubts about these things, but they do work!
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