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I have been reading posts here since my friend rode up in front of my house with a Schwinn bike equiped with a 66cc. I drive a 04 GTO. I LOVE my car, i hate to fill it up.
I immediately set off to build my own. I live 3 miles from work and can burn off 14 gallons of premium unleaded a week driving almost nowhere. I pieced together a Jamis Explorer 1.0 and ordered a SkyHawk kit from I wasnt totally happy with them but i wont get into that now.
To make a long story short, i have dumped a grand into this thing easy. I'm not exagerating, i will itemize if cornered
The first time i rode the bike for real was around 2 weeks after assembly. The carb was monkey wrenched (me and my cousin must share the blame on that one) and i had to order a rebuild kit to replace the idle and mix screws after they vibrated out. While i was at it i ordered a NT carb to ensure success(kit came with the red cover CNS deal). I decided to install the NT for break in. The Jamis frame is tight so i had to buy the offset intake. The offset wasnt offset enough so i had to cut it and reweld it (it is weldable in case your looking at it wondering). Off i rode and was having a great time until the first time i imprinted perfect grill marks in my calf. By the time i got home both calves were mid rare and looked delicious! Before my next ride i made a pair of heat sheilds out of aluminum that i am WAY proud of!
100miles later, i love the bike. But i have figured out that i needed fenders to get to work clean, a suspension for for the front (those sittle bumps are way more pronounced at 35ish) and disk brakes. Im also in the process of converting to a single speed. I need to get a few controls off my handlebars. There starting to look like some impossible steampunk contraption with like eleven cables radiating off of them.
I have a massive spark issue that im going to start a thread on in the appropriate place. Anyway, thanks for reading my story. Im 37, 6-2 300Lbs BTW. I look forward to becoming a member of the motobike community here.

The picture of my bike has the first try at a heat sheild. I will post the heat sheild 2.0. The other pic is my kids. Cute huh? The kids are cute too!
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