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Default Re: new to the club

Originally Posted by wheelbender6 View Post
Welcome to the forum. i would go chain drive for a big guy. I think the usual 36 tooth rear sprocket would pull you fine with a two stroke China Girl motor. Speed limit for motor bikes is 20 MPH in AZ anyway. They especially hold you to that speed limit if you are in the bike lane. it all downhill in Texas?

I'm going to say that gearing is a little stiff. I run a 56 on a 28" tire and I'm can go mid 20's but usually cruse about 20 keep vibrations down. As most bikes are 26" wheel a 50 or 48 tooth will help get you to speed without ripping the guts out of the motor. And if there's hill to pull you'd most likely make it up without pedaling with a 50. The kits come with a rear sprocket that runs from 39-44 teeth with no way of knowing unless they actually mention it on the box

Read lots of stuff, ask questions, and have fun somewhere along the line...
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