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Default Re: Integrated motor mount and jack shaft


Thanks a lot for your good will, I think I'm starting to get it...

I have an question... The way it was assembled, when you accelerate, the pedals spin?

You can use the pedals with the motor without problems?

Also, Tomatito... If the bearings are regular and the sprockets that locks in a way and spins to the another, where these bearings go at? 'Cause the sprockets have it's bearings, right?

By what I could see, gears #1 and 2 have 18 teeths, and #3 something like 10?

And about the english, I can handle it with a little bit of patience rs... But thanks again!!

-- edit --

Also, how did you weld this shaft on the frame, if it was suppose to spin? o.o
I'm thinking on using an bike wheel's shaft

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