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Default Re: Integrated motor mount and jack shaft

Let me answer some things i think i understood:

- The shaft (what you call axis -eixo-) is a common steel bar.
- The bearings are regular ones, they spin freely both ways.
- The sprokets 1 and 2 are from bicycle wheels (they're called freewheels), and they spin only one way (the #1 has to be fixed in order pedal-start the bike as usual, if you have a pullstart it doesn't matters)
- The sprockets locks in the shaft with a hex-bolt (allen).
- With some patience and a cup of coffe you can count the teeths from the pictures (well, not the one on the engine).

I answerd all that just by guessing by the way..

You are from brazil? I could maybe translate something, i know a little portuguese (just a little but it could help!).

PS: Russel, very nice work!!! I really liked, i think i'll make something like this too.
How did you managed the chain length in the engine-side? Half-links and luck? I'm only worried about that, everything else it's perfect!

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