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Default Re: Integrated motor mount and jack shaft

That looks great!

I'll try to do one myself, I have some questions...

Here's a schematic drawing of what I understood about your project:

I want to know the following...

1 - How many teeths have the sprocket on engine axis?
2 - How many teeths have the sprocket #1/#2 and #3? (It's 18 and 10 teeths, right?)
3 - I would like to understand better this axis that holds the sprockets 1,2,3... What it was originally? A bike wheels's axis?

I want to understand so I can do it here...

- You've took the sprocket and fit it into a bearing
- Then you fit them into the axis, right? How did you lock them there?
- The bearings are suppose to "traction" to one side and let it loose if it tries to spin to the other side?

Erh, don't know what else to ask, but it's still not clear to me how I'm gonna make this you know, if you could try to explain it in a way I can do it myself here, I would really appreciate!

Thanks a lot!

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