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Default Public Thank you very much too........

I recently ordered one of Jim's ported intakes & some 415 master links from Pirate Cycles, just got these items today, really enjoyed the small packet of candy " Sour Patch Kids " very tasty.......! I also noticed that they included extra part I didn't even order, a 415 1/2 link, so I just wanted to say thank you to Pirate Cycles for running such a top notch operation ARRRRRRR...!

I also purchased a 34T sprocket from Andy @ Kings Sales & service, I got it today, and it looks very nice, can't wait to get it on my bike that currently has a 36T on it that I redrill and made from a small kids bike crank sprocket, my bike is very smooth right now at a GPS'ed 30mph and pnly a very slight buzz @ 32MPH I hoping to get that 32 nice and smooth with this 34T and that slight buzz @ 34mph, this engine has a seriously milled head, smoothed up ports and Jim's intake, I ordered an expansion chamber from Sick Bike Parts night before last and am hoping this will make it run even better in the torque area, it pulls hills pretty good already with my home brewed exhaust, but I will see now if the Exp. chamber will best my set up or if my set up is good enough, I really think the expansion chamber will give a noticable difference in bottom end on the hills but I wont know for sure until I give it a try.

Sick Bike Parts has also been very good to me in the past so I want to include them in this BIG Thank you and also a thank you to THATS DAX for doing me a fine job in the past.

We have such a fine group of fellas here, Thank you very much for all that you do and provide for us MB-in knuckle busters, we couldn't do all this like we do without ya'll..!!

I know there are other great venders here as well, but I can only speak for those I have personal experience with.

Sorry to take up ya'lls time on this just wanted to say thanks to all our great support for the parts & pieces......

Thanks again & Peace!

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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