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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Pulled the jug off and re-tapped the exhaust stud holes to 1/4-20's.
Got some cap head bolts, and new washers at home depot.

De-carbonized the piston and head, and got a little discouraged with the
sloppy side to side play in the connecting rod and wrist pin.

Replaced fuel filter, fuel petcock, fuel lines.
1/4" rubber fuel lines, and a Fram F-1 inline filter came to less than 5 bucks
at the auto supply store.

Fuel petcock from Graingers with barbed hose fitting
came to 8 bucks. Fuel flow to the carb gushes now instead of a drippy trickle
with the stock valve.

Re-jetted carb a tad richer

The sun finally came out about 4 o'clock so I went out and ran the snot out of it.....

Fixing it up ain't half as fun as riding it....

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