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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Messed with my Vapor Tech..
Originally Posted by Goat Herder View Post
Messing with the Vapor Tech last couple nights getting acquainted with it. I had to warranty the first vapor head unit I am not off to a good start lol. It was doing weird stuff. The support line has been phenomenally nice and helpful. Have to do a day pict. My wires and mounting came out pretty trick.

I got around to rejetting the idle circuit on the carb last week still messing with that. I was circling side neighbored streets in the vid. I shot out of my driveway today impressing the neighbor and nearly could not make the turn on the street corner to the next street this thing will scoot.

The main jet is perfect. Thinking its time to window the the slide a little more. Being cautious about that as I cannot put material back lol. So far I changed the choke jet a tiny bit the main jet and the idle jet. Micro drill bits and solder. Almost perfect! Fighting with 5500 feet here. The carb is boarder line to big.

I got a plug chop sitting on the dark side of things so I am a little rich. That was where I wanted to be. The pipe is pretty cool on this thing can hear it loading up sonic-ally around no load or an idle. There is a part where I coughed in the video kinda shows how loud the bike really is.

The blinking lights on the unit are shift and over rev lights. I am still messing with them. My thoughts was to perhaps calibrate them around a perfect clutch. I am still a little confused about how to calibrate the rpm I think it is a little off? Over all I love the unit and like the rest of the features. Loving it! The engine temp I like. This bike is set up with my off road gearing so to speak a cross from city travel to off road.

I should be switching the engine sprocket to a 11 tooth soon from 10 I think that will make it perfect. Just thought to share is all..
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