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Default Re: what is going to break next?

I really dont have much to add to this, but I have both 2 and 4 stroke motors. My HT really isnt that bad and I use it as a daily commuter and some times for fun. I would say about 15 miles a week. Its a GT-5 slant. I do however have an issue with the threads on the exhaust side. Stripped twice. Now has a home made 1/4" x 20 stud on one side I just forced in. So far so good for 2 months. To add to that the mag was replaced along with the mag seal (mag lost power, seal leaked). New upgraded plug wire (factory is junk). Had to drill out my muffler (clogged). Ditched the cns and bought an nt (my choice, but an overall better carb for HT's). Clutch cable snapped once then I caught it frayed and soon to snap (on my 3rd cable now). Tensioner pully broke (stipped the treads) had to replace it. Thats all within about 400 miles. My dax super titan friction drive I havent had to touch. Granted less miles on it (about 120) but by this amount of milage ive had to dump almost enough time and money into the gt-5 as the super titan kit cost. Everyone has preferances and I love both, and thats why I have both. HT's are a "happy time" motor that gets you out the door with almost no start up cost and having fun, then you pay by fixing them "all the time". 4 stokes are soooo much smoother and they do not fail (unless you really want to break them) but they cost more and dont look as good. If you want the best of both both kits and be happy. Btw you really never know what to expect, try to be prepared for anything (Yeah I know it dosnt help....or does it?). Just my $.02.

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