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Default Re: Very FIRST Build. Anything im missing? (PICS)

Thanks everyone for the warm welcomes and input... I didnt get much of a chance to work on the bike today, the only things i got done before work were switching the flywheel over to my new wheel, hooking up the new rear brake and installing the kick stand (which was too short anyways lol.) I have work off tomorrow and it should get a lot more accomplished

Heres what i got left to do tomorrow to get it running.
Replace the studs
Modify the tensioner and tighten chain
lube the chains
Finish soldering the 90 degree elbow to the intake.
Mount the carb
Cable adjustments
Clean and grease a few things.
Make new exhaust and intake gaskets
Clean out gas tank/apply thread sealer
Tighten all nuts, bolts and lines.
Gas it up and see if all goes well!
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