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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by ToxicAz520 View Post
How do you think the Trick Race fuel is going to work for you cause i have a pump less then 1/2mile from my house but don't know if it would be good to run or if it worth the money for these china girls.
I have a Puch Hi-Compression head. It's ment for a 50cc but I have it on my 66cc. I really need to measure the cc of the combustion chamber and not go by what I've read BUT I think my compression is 13:1 Or if I'm wrong it's still 11.5:1. With that high of compression you have to use a super high octane fuel or risk death from detonation. Due to that factor you also have to have a NGK BR9HIX Iridium plug.

Stock motor due to it's low 6:1 compression would actually lose power using Trick or hi octane AV gas. Even Premium pump gas is marginal in them.

Now, what I did to mine With the white wire battery charger I got I saw no need of a pair of AA batteries in the LEB tail light assembly. Daisy chained 4 1N4004 Diodes as a voltage reducer and got rid of the batteries, soldering the diodes to the postitve side and the ground wire to the negative. Ran a paired wire to the battery box and I have main power for all my electrics now
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