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Default Re: what is going to break next?

Bad week for me too,
Stripped intake bolts on my PK80(yes having a helicoil kit on hand{6mmX100}) would save you some time, but looking at the intake, I doubt a heli-coil wold work, maybe go to 1/4-20, also have s couple of base gaskets and head gaskets would be nice, I bought a 3' section of all thread from mc-master, it comes in different alloys, get the good stuff, think it's (B-5)[forgot] a good tap and die set, welder...the list goes on, and to top that all off, I broke a mount bolt on mt 4 stroke and my spare engine is in a large tubberware container, basically, ya just never know... good luck!


P.S. don't forget the airtools , compressor and 3x the dremmel tools you think you'll ever need

OBTW, I'm getting a small torque wrench;-\

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