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I am also having trouble getting my 80/66 motor running. I went today and replaced the plug cap and the plug itself and im still not able to get the engine running. I used an in-line ignition spark checker a few minutes ago and when i let go of the clutch the light in the checker came on. I just went outside with the bike to check to see if it was pulling air. I started pedaling and let the clutch go, while holding my finger over the carb hole. It had a suction, and while I had my finger over the hole MY ENGINE STARTED UP!!! I was able to drive it around the neighborhood for a few and then it died on me. I used the choke to cover the carb and it started back up. As I was nearing my apt I had to turn the motor off because there was an unmarked police car around the front of the place. I guess the neighbors dont like me revving my engine at Midnight....OOPS!! I dont know why I have to use the choke now to start the motor??? Also I have noticed an oil-like substance under the head where it connects to the block. I have cleaned the area twice and the stuff keeps showing back up. I dont think its the oil because the oil I use is blue and if im not mistaken there is no other place for oil to be besides the gas tank?? Any assistance would be much appreciated.
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