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Default Very FIRST Build. Anything im missing? (PICS)

Hello all, I'm Brad. I'm new to the site and to motorized bicycles.. I've grown up riding dirt bikes so I do know a thing or two about 2 and 4 stroke motors.. I wanted to go for a bmx style bike and found this on craigslist. Picked it up for $50.

66cc Motor kit, also bought off craigslist. $80 brand new in box (from demonbikes, any feed back on these kits?)

Oh and here's one of my other rides

But back to the bike..
I've been researching a lot so I can hopefully build it correctly. So far I've mounted the motor to see if it would fit the frame.. its a tight squeeze but ill be able to pull it off. The only real modification needed will be to reposition the carb to mount on the side. After mounting the engine I got carried away and ended up hooking up the throttle and cluth cables mounting the tank and just about everything else.

Here's a list of things I've picked up this week for the build:
-New rear wheel, (the bearings in mine were shot and I wanted to do away with the coaster brake)
-Brand new rear brake assembly
-kick stand
-High performance bearing grease
-chain lube
-thread sealer (for gas tank)
-gasket paper from autozone
-rubber o rings (for carb)
-90 copper fitting(to remount carb)
- solder wire (so there's no leaks)
-Red and blue loctite.
- Allen head scews for the sprocket cover (the ones on the kit stripped immediately)
- new ngk spark plug
Still need to buy 8 grade studs to replace the ones that came on the kit. (Ace hardware and autozone both didn't have any so hopefully home depot will.)
Anything I forgot? I'm aiming to build it right the first time so there will be less problems down the line.. also I was thinking of tossing the tensioner that it came with and cutting the chain to size.

If all goes well she should be fired up by Friday ill be updating how the build goes. More picutres to come!

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