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Default Re: Copper Tubing Fuel Tank

Originally Posted by timboellner View Post
Find yourself a refrigeration, a/c guy with a acetylene turbo torch with a big #11 or bigger tip. If that doesn't get it hot enough nothing will.

Been there...did that
Tim, this reminds me of a job that took up an entire Easter weekend. 2 1/2" glycol line under the floor of a bank's computer room. A bad solder joint that started leaking and an overtime call. Trying to heat the pipe and coupling with glycol still seeping through...oh, Lord, NO! Dry coolers on the roof, 5 stories up and isolation valves that wouldn't hold. Couldn't find a 2 1/2" slip coupling; had to file the stop out of a standard to get it on. "(piping nailed to the floor, couldn't move it) Can you relate?

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