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Default University Student - Too poor for motorcycle. Motor Bicycle instead!

Hey everyone. I'm a student whose hopes of riding a motorcycle were thwarted by insurance expenses. Therefore, I've turned to motor bicycling - a vehicle which requires no insurance. Not only that, but I'm excited to ride a vehicle where my 110lb frame will be advantageous. My first attempt will be without much funding and experience. I will post pictures of my bike later.

I'm most seriously considering this kit: Supply Bicycle Engine Kit, Motorized Bicycle, Bicycle Motor, Motor Bikes, Moped.. I'm committed to a 4 stroke engine due to legal issues in CA. Longevity is most important to me. The Hausheng 142F has a good reputation and is a four stroke engine. The kit is missing a transmission. Normally the kit comes with an automatic drive (called wet, right?), but I want a clutch. Where may I get a friction drive that mates to the engine? How difficult will it be to install the system in a kit not intended for friction drive? If any of you have other clutch drive, four stroke, kits to recommend, I'd love to see them.

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