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Default Re: Anyone have any suggesstions on increasing low end torque? Help me out.

Originally Posted by misteright1_99 View Post
I agree with BGJ, dont waste your money on a boost bottle. Take the same money and buy an expansion chamber.
I couldn't say it any better. I fell into the hype of the boost bottle and IMO didn't do anything for me. Actually here's my Testimonial:
The wonderful guys I ride with pulled a joke on me a while back. Before we went on a ride, one of my buddies put a ball bearing in my bottle line. Half way thru the ride while ranting and raving how well the bottle worked. They started busting up and told me I had something in my line. I pulled out the ball bearing and the bike ran exactly the same and of course I was the joke of the day!
The only reason I kept it on was I didn't want to buy another manifold.
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