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Default Re: wont start

An internal combustion engine needs three things to run; fuel, air and a source of ignition.
You said "it seems like it isn't getting spark (ignition). How have you confirmed that?

Starting at the fuel supply. Is fuel flowing to the carburetor? Is the petcock/filter open?

Next is air. Is the choke plate open? Is the air filter clean?

Ignition: Remove the spark plug from the cylinder head. Reconnect the ignition lead and lay the plug against the cylinder head cooling fins so metal is touching metal. Spin the rear wheel with the clutch engaged and look for a spark at the plug's electrodes. If it sparks, you have ignition. If it doesn't, start looking for why. Check the wiring between the engine and the CDI (ignition module) Blue to blue, black to black and the white wire isolated so it can not come in contact with any metal part.
The kill switch or button has been blamed for a lot of ignition related problems. To test, if you don't have an ohm meter, disconnect the two wires from the kill switch and try the spark plug test again.

Confirm you have those essential three elements, fuel, air and ignition then get back to us if the engine doesn't run.
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