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Default Re: Spring Cleaning = Free Bikes

I am glad to see a few people have done this successfully.

At least i know theres enough room in the frame.
Before i put an engine on it i;m going to modify things a bit.

Mostly the main front frame not including the forks is what i plan to use of the bike.
I think i'm gonna re-make the Swing Srm or ( rear frame ) out of stainless steel tubing.
It'l be stronger and easier for me to adapt a jackshaft to it. I can use scrap stainless steel tubing that gets thrown out at work. Most of the guys use the tube for tomato plant stakes. If i can find some good smaller shocks i'd like to replace that rear spring with a good shock on each side. Did i mention putting a Variator on the Jackshaft ? This thing is gonna be off the hook.
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