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Default Re: Newbie with lots of questions

Originally Posted by shortys513 View Post
Hi all, I'm brand new to this.

I was browsing Craigslist today and stumbled upon a sweet motorized bicycle and have since spent 6 of the last 7 hours on this forum. A productive day at work by my standards.

I have a lot of questions, most were answered by the good old search function but some of them are maybe too basic. Bear with me.

1. I like pedaling a bicycle, can I pedal sometimes, motor sometimes? What specifications would be necessary for that? What would that be called exactly?

you can pedal while you're motoring if you want, wont move you any faster generally but it's nice to pedal sometimes, other times you can straight up pedal, but it wont be as easy with 2 chains

2. I live in San Francisco and don't want to pedal up these hills, will some of the standard motors be able to get me up them? (180 lbs)

you may need to pedal assist them, or run a large read sprocket, but you'll lose top speed that way, but with pedal assist it would be easy to get up them with out breaking too much of a sweat

3. 2 strokes can be upgraded to a multiple speed transmission but are stock single speed? 4 strokes are stock mutliple speed?

depends on the motor, generally we just have throttles on the more basic motors, pull harder go faster give it less go slower.

4. Does engine transmission share bicycle transmission if I want to pedal sometimes and motor sometimes (same sprockets?)

we generally run 2 chains, but theres kits out there that let you run your motor on to your pedal side if you want to.those are called jack shafts

5. Are there total newbie threads that I haven't found that explain how to pick a bike and a kit and all that stuff? Like an FAQ?

6. Why do chains always have so much slack? Could I not break and re-link a properly fitted chain?

if the bike frame allows it it's possible to go straight chain, but we use the idlers on bikes where the chain would otherwise hit the rear forks, another thing is it makes chain alignment easier with the idlers, and it makes it easier to adjust for chain stretch

Thanks in advance! I can't wait to build a motorized bicycle! My motorcycles take up too much space.
hope that helps, and welcome to the forums
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