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Default Re: Spring Cleaning = Free Bikes

I think tommorow i willstrip it dow to the frame and the swingarm. Then the pieces will be small enough for me to take to work and put on the CMM ( coordinate measuring machine ).

Then i can get all the measurements off the frame and create a 3D Cad Model of the Frame. That way i can fit the engine in there and see what adjustments to make for everything to sit right.

I know this sounds overkill. But hey i'm bored and have access to the tools on my own time so why not.

I prefer to build it up in the cad software first. I got to decide on what Rake to use for the front forks. In Fact by the time i'm done i'll have the whole project in cad.

So what do you guys think about choppin it.
I like the curvy frame and the seat sits back and low. So if i put moped wheels on there and some sorta motorcycle seat that would be cool.
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