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Default Crank sprocket-rear gears alignment

I purchased a 4 cycle engine kit which came with the wider three piece crank set. After removing the original one piece bottom bracket and replacing it with the three piece, I noticed that the front crank sprocket is directly in alignment with the outermost gear (7th) on the rear hub. I failed to notice where the original front sprocket lined up with the rear gears prior to removal. My "guess" is that the front sprocket would be aligned somewhere in the middle of the seven rear gears on the back hub, but that's just my guess. Does anyone have a seven speed Schwinn Jaguar that can confirm the alignment of the original one piece front crank sprocket to the relationship of the rear seven gears?
I could kick myself in the butt for not checking this out prior to removel, but I guess it won't the first or last time I do something stupid...
The three piece repalcement crankset is a tapered square drive arrangement and I have it on the BB crank as far as it will go. The only remedy I can see if it has to be moved inward would be to file the crank taper wider until it fits further in on the BB crank?
I'm hoping this isn't necessary, but with my luck, it's most likely the solution.
I enjoy working through this build, but the chinese certianly leave alot to be desired when it comes to tolerances and fit.
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