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Default Re: sprocket wobble

A couple of things here that I'd like to add-

1.) A lot of these sprockets have the center hole drilled of center, ALWAYS check it before doing anything else.
2.) If your chain rubs your tire lightly, you'd be better off learning to live with it than to turn the sprocket around and run the sprocket(s)/chain out of alignment.

It's important to have both sprockets and the chain all in line with each other. Moreso than keeping the whitewalls clean.

1/2-3/4" of free play at the TIGHTEST, and at the tightest place in the run. (turn the wheel while checking tension, when/if you find a "tight spot", adjust your freeplay with the chain there).

A chain that is run too tight causes rapid wear to the chain, tensioner wheel, and sprockets and in more extreme cases the bearings in both the rear wheel and the sprocket shaft bearings.

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