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Default Re: Sorry for a newbie qestion...

Unfortunatly this is one of the few things that's really hard to tell w/just pics as perspective gets a lil weird w/such ...but ofc we love pics here so post 'em ifn ya got 'em lol

There's a couple few ways to check chain alignment, checking for chafe/wear on the inside of the engine's sprocket cover is a good start - but two of my faves are hunkerin' down behind the bike and sighting down the rear sprocket to the engine's sprocket (like a rifle's sights) looking for twists or misalignment, another way is to suspend the bike so the rear wheel is off the ground and slowly spin the rear wheel while watching the sprockets teeth as they protrude through the chain - ideally they'll be in the middle of the chain at both the top and bottom of the sprocket. If they're all to one side your sprocket is too far in or out and/or not aligned with the engine's, if they're on one side at the bottom and the other at the top yer wheel may be crooked in the bike, if the teeth "wander" from side to side as you slowly spin the wheel the sprocket itself is not true with the wheel.

You can also take a long straight edge (like a contractor's level) and place it flush on the side of the engine (sprocket & mag covers and/or clutch cover) and towards the rear of the bike - sighting along it to see if the engine isn't "twisted" in the frame. Don't take it too seriously as the covers aren't exactly true lol, but comparing the difference between the two sides outa give you an idea if it's really bad or not

Allen Wrench is defo right about lookin' for causes, somethin' is defo a bit wonky - but if everythin' seems true enough, there's also the chance ya just got a bum chain. I got a kit chain one time where the rollers were only 1/2 as wide as they should have been, leaving the link pins partially exposed o_O In alla my years of tinkerin' I'd never seen such an example of poor quality control lol

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