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Default Re: Spring Cleaning = Free Bikes

Fortunatly i can do some machine work and hopefully modify the mounts on the case to fit better. It definatly looks tight. Good thing is i have a bunch of Stainless Steel Tubing like 0.625 od and the maintnence guy has a 40 ton tube bender. I think I'll remake the rear frame out of it so itll be stronger. Since that section is bolted on it'll be wayy easier. The main section of the frame seems pretty tough since the downtube is so thick and tall. Are there any chopper style front suspension forks i could adapt. It would be super cool to sorta chopper style this thing. I wonder how much wider moped wheels are. If i could use a nice set of moped mags that would be sweet. Just thinking ahead for strength and durability.

Did you get any flex from the motor torque on the rear end?
Hopefully it dosen't twist side to side at all.
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