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Default motor making a loud whirring sound?

so yesterday i figured i'd take my bike out for a good break in run, 15.3 mile trip each way. on the way back the motor started making a really loud whirring sound and i would pull the clutch lever, hit the kill switch, give it a sec and start the motor again, and the problem would go away for a bit, little later it would do it again and i'd repeat.

this happened until i eventually hit a pot hole doing about 30 and got a flat roughly 28 miles into the trip.

i asked in the chat box and the advice was tighten up the clutch cable and if that didn't fix it tighten up the flower nut on the clutch gear itself. i did both of those and they're both as perfect as they can be as far as i can tell,as tight as they can be with out being too tight.

every time it happens i'm picking up speed in that sweet spot in the throttle.

anyone got any ideas?
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