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Default Re: homemade rear kickstand?

Really like where this is going. I have been wondering about this for a good while. On my daily rider, have a center stand and is awesome. Makes working on em easy except any thing to do with the front end. As always, looking forward to your thoughts.

When I was a lil kid in the Bronx, the local Chinese restaurant had these bikes with huge front baskets and front wheel kickstands. Thinking about it now, might have been Worksman bikes. But even then was fascinated with the kickstands. Uber simple things, spring loaded. I have looked and looked but can't find a pic of em. Even asked at the at the Worksman factory. Could be made to work front or rear.

Wood, Ferball, your mission, if you choose to accept it...Design the perfect motorized bicycle Kickstand! This post will self destruct in 5 seconds snork
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