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Default Re: Okanagan B.C. Canada Goodness

Howdy Slum, welcome. All sorts of ways to bend your muffler. But think tipping your engine up a tad might be the way to go. Will look at yer pic again, but aside from it being a pain to re-shorten yer chain, might be the way to go. How bad are yer cranks hitting it? Not suggesting this but I have used a mallet and or steel toed work boots to move the muffler out of the way but always only if it was just "tapping" the cranks.
I can't remeber where it is, but there are pics on a thread here of some one bending a muffler by parking their car on it! LOL. For hard bends, I have used a bench vise. Will work but will mess up the chrome/paint if ya go to far.

There is always a way and you will find it. Search around. Some gifted builders here and this comes up a good bit.
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