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Default Re: Chain Tensioner/Guide

My tensioner is junk too.. just lost my chain today.
ground it up in the spokes and all over the road. it could have been worse. the extra bolt i added held level pretty well though.

i was lucky enough that my kits junky flat head screw and bolt set up was easy to separate.
since it just dropped my chain it was loose enough to remove.
(even after i used thread-locker and tightened it down as much as humanly possible with a flat head on one side.)
now i just need to replace this with a bolt with a good one and all is well.
*as i wait for a new chain to arrive*

almost got this and added a new hole to the frame though:

here is what it looks like (mostly) taken apart:

Better: M8 x 45 Bolt with M8 Nylon Locknut (Locktite on install)

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