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Thumbs up Anyone have any suggesstions on increasing low end torque? Help me out.

Does anyone have any suggesstions on increasing low end torque? I have a 34t sprocket, and kinda want to up my Acceleration a bit. However, I dont want to damage the engine, or sacrifice high end torque. I had a few in mind, Getting the Deluxe NSC Carburetor Kit from Deluxe NSC Carburetor Kit - $49.99 , and getting a Boost Bottle. I did read a littlebit on this website, and heard cutting the exaust, etc. but I heard its not that big of a difference. Also forgot to mention my setup is really light, im light, my bike w/ engine is like 50-60lbs, and im like 135. Does anyone have any suggestions? I dont mind slight modifications, I really do wanna up my acceleration, but not sacrifice my top speed, Sofar I got up to 36 mph, and felt like I could go more but didnt, I was only on my 2nd tank, however, my engine really begins to move, and pick up NICE! after about 18mph. So anything you guys have in mind?
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