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Default Re: Cylinder bolt problems about to throw it away

If your talking about pulling the stud out of the block then there are three things you can do,
1)JB Weld the stud back in
2)heli-coil the hole
3) drill and tap to the next size stud

Biggest problem is the Chinese often do not tap the holes in the block all the way, cutting costs. What happens then the stud does not go to the bottom of the hole and there's less threads engaged by the stud. You put the acorn nut on and before it can tighten the head down the acorn nut stops threading on and the stud turns, giving a false torque and you pull the stud out of the block.

ALL the holes need tapped, something most do not do and then wonder why things fail. It's because the Chinese don't care. They know where these things are going and if a motor holds together long enough to be put in a box it's good enough.(yah, cynical, I know )
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