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Default Re: Sorry for a newbie qestion...

There's no reason to apologize, if anything such assistance is part of the point of this forum after all lol

While you can ofc simply replace the broken link with a master, it would be better to invest in a chain breaking tool as then you're able to fabricate any length of chain you wish. While there are many types of chain breakers, I prefer the following style as it seems far more capable of dealing with a wider variety of chain as well as being durable: MOTORCYCLE DIRT BIKE ATV CHAIN LINK BREAKER TOOL: Automotive

As for the chin itself, the kit supplied chains are renowned for being of an extremely low quality. The 415 is often replaced with a #41 roller chain which is slightly wider but has the same pitch. It can be found at almost any farm & tractor supply or a decent hardware store for roughly $10 for 10' for the generic "heavy duty": Roller Chain: Everything Else

Here's a handy chain chart in case you need it;
Azusa Engineering, Inc. Online Catalog - Roller Chain, Motorcycles, etc.

Welcome to the forum BTW
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