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Default Sorry for a newbie qestion...

So I am new, Got a bike from Helio bikes, had some problems, as everyone does from all the posts I have read (and I hope I have searched enough as I would hate to be asking a question that has already been answered)
So my problem is I managed to break a link in my drive chain (415 type) First, can I just put a second master link in the spot I broke? Is breaking a link indicitive of a bad chain or some other problem I am too new to know about? (I did find the post on grinding down the housing for the clutch actuator housing, which I plan on doing) Otherwise I love my bike. Hills I would have had to walk/give up on, now I just give it some gas and a little peddle power and off I go, Friggin Awsome. The site here is great and the information is invaluable. If you guys want pictures of any of this stuff just let me know. Oh the engine is a 2-stroke china girl, as apparently it doesnt matter what name is tacked on the side, its the same on the inside.
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