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Default Re: futillity in motion or not

Originally Posted by The_Aleman View Post
Thanks for posting Tom, but I respectfully disagree. So it's an adjustable idler. Where does it keep tension on the chain? It doesn't. I've run these since '06, some people toss em, but I like them and use them. Treat them like idlers and they work, quite well. Treat them like chain tensioners and they fail. As they should, because they are simply not tensioners as i see them. Semantics perhaps.
I'm just trying to get Jim from selling his bike and giving up
and you guys are getting into a pissing contest over
whether it is a tensioner or an idler.
Who cares?
Maybe you should get a room or start another thread?

All the guys I know who what they are doing don't
use the tensioner.

I will never use idlers or muffler clamps LOL
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