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Default Re: futillity in motion or not

Thanks for posting Tom, but I respectfully disagree. So it's an adjustable idler. Where does it keep tension on the chain? It doesn't. I've run these since '06, some people toss em, but I like them and use them. Treat them like idlers and they work, quite well. Treat them like chain tensioners and they fail. As they should, because they are simply not tensioners as i see them. Semantics perhaps.

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Sorry but I'll have to disagree. Just because it isn't spring loaded doesn't mean it isn't a tensioner. That's the reason for the slotted mount. So it can be moved to increase the chain tension. Hence, it IS a tensioner.
Much has been written here about the pros and cons of this device. Is it needed, is it not? I'm not going to repeat what has been gone over too many times to count.
Whether you use one or not is irrelevant. What is important is chain alignment and tension. The other factors that dictate if the installation is successful is proper rear sprocket installation. It doesn't take a machined aluminum adapter to get it right either. The rag joints will work just fine IF installed correctly. That means NO wobbles. If the chain keeps coming off then look for improper chain path alignment, improper chain tension, a uncentered sprocket. Also the chain quality can come into play. If there is binding or twists to the chain it will cause problems. Replacing the kit supplied chain with an industrial grade #41 will usually solve the defective chain issues.
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