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Default Re: Engine runs kinda "lurchy"

Originally Posted by Nomad View Post
Thanks Large Filipino, yes it is a China 2 stroke, I think I would rather eat crushed lightbulbs than to start changing the rear sprocket 2 days after I built it.... that sprocket was a real pita...
BikeGuy Joe, I am going really slow, just a little above idle, putt putting along, I'll say probably about 5 - 8 mph. I thought maybe my chain was to slack.. so I moved the tensioner, I still can't figure out how to bend that danged muffler pipe out of the way of my left pedal crank, I tried bending it in a vise ,even heated it with a propane torch... that sucker is hard to move at all..... any suggestions?

Mine was the same way. I dont want to go fast. I put on a 50t and I love it, top end is about 22mph, but I can ride at idle now. I bent my exhaust (when I had it) by bolting it to the workbench, heating it up at the bend (red hot) and pulling it to where I needed it....
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