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Default Re: futillity in motion or not

Originally Posted by Jim C View Post
I don't know what a sprocket adaptor is. I am using the original chain. I have 93 miles on the odometer about 125 on the build. I don't think the chain is the trouble I think the tensionor/adjuster/idler is really junk. It is not one thing it is everything. It is the clutch, the carb fell off, the top of the carb unscrewd, the carb adjustment screw fell out, the chain has jumped 4 times. It is just alott ot things all can be fixed but fixing it everytime I ride aint what I want to do
One last time.......................
PM me, I will fix it for you for free, seriously!
Just for the challenge, you seem to want to b**** more than to get it fixed lol

If you love to ride I would hate to have you quit over this! They are a lot of FUN!
Too bad that you didn't make it to the OC ride right in your neighborhood.

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