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Default Re: Copper Tubing Fuel Tank

Thanks for all these tips, guys. It rained yesterday(nothing new there ) so I'll be giving it a shot here in a bit. My welding Vice Grips open large enough to grip the cap and Channel locks will hold the rest of the parts.

Price of copper...I can see how that would stop a build. If I hadn't found most of what I needed at the scrap yard for $4 a pound I could not have justified the expence of new copper. The 3" x 3" x1" Tee fitting alone $55 on eBay. Its a casting and very heavy.

The 1" fitting is where the fuel cap will go. I'm still gleaning baffle ideas from previous tank builds. bairdco has a nice one. What I want to do is add a vent tube coming off the top like a MX bike for style and practicality.

I also have a Royal Enfield Sediment bowl filter coming from India. I liked that it has wire bails but was dismayed to see it's made from chrome-plated plastic I've been doing some casting of aluminum and think I might try casting some brass tops for these filters. Broken cymbals from school marching bands can be had for free. Once a cymbal is broken it's toast.

Since April the 1st the weather has been cold and crappy, slows down the progress
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