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Default Re: Hello from Prescott, AZ

howdy Mike. I Love the PBs. Dang beautiful with a china girl on em. The front fender is gonna fail and try to kill you! The way I fortify em is drill holes and use Ubolts. There are a ton of great ideas and how-2s here but please, please dont ride your PB with out looking into this. Folks are gonna say stuff about cheap bikes and alum frames but I put 6K miles+ and 4 motors (at different times) on one and the only thing that killed my PB was hitting a pot-hole at speed 2ce. (May She rest in peace) LOL, the tires still had tread too. Just a lil horror story to scare ya. Really is my intent.

But back to funner stuff, the PB is awesome!

Have fun and ride safe!

worst apocalypse ever
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