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Cool Re: futillity in motion or not

belt/Chain tensioner


An arrangement for tightening a drive belt or chain, often comprising an idler pulley whose position can be adjusted.

Our Idler/Tensioners can be adjusted can't they?

And after adjusting the idler wheel either up or down the tension of the chain is either increased or decreased, Correct?

The wheel on the mechanical device is the idler.......and the entire mechanism is considered the "tensioner" because the idler can be adjusted to increase or decrease the tension on the chain/belt/whatever is running on the idler wheel/pulley, so it is a non-selfadjusting Idler tensioner.

As a former industrial mait. mechanic I have worked on many machine over the years that have a very tough plastic bushing material or an olied felt tensioner pad used for removing unwanted extra slack and maintaining correct tension on a chain drive, it cant be called an idler because it's tension is roughly maintained by a skid that the chain slides across, they aren't be spring loaded either, most times this set up is adjusted by losening a bolt or nut and repositining the tensioner.......

If someone was to remove the roller and install a skid surface for the chain to move across would you still be making the argument that it's an idler.....?

I'm done with this subject after this post, I have nothing to prove and I understand how hard it is to tell someone something who already knows it all in their opinion.

This whole thing is just such nonsense and I don't understand why some people have to jump into a discussion that they had nothing to do with and hijack it by insulting others intelligence with non factual statements, and then to say that their reason for doing so is..................

"Had my fill of people calling an idler a chain tensioner is all, and so I posted. Maybe I should have kept quiet, but I'm bound to say something eventually."

My advice is not to say things unless you know them to be factual, especially when you are basically calling others ignorant, uninformed, idiots in a round about way.

Here we are, myself & many others not claiming by any means to know it all, but only trying to offer some help to someone else who is having trouble with there bike and saying they are to the point of giving up on the bike, then out of nowhere, someone who obviously has no help or sound advice to offer this person hijacks this post about a chain issue and starts in on us about how we are to ignorant to know that these kits don't actually have a chain tensioner but rather a chain idler........!

To everyone on here that see's this discussion I appoligize if there has been anything I have said that has offended anyone, this was not intended in anyway, I just felt the need to do my best to clear the air on the subject, and if It turns out that I have made claims that are not 100% correct I will accept the proof that shows where I have been wrong, but my main concern with this was that many of us were trying to help someone with a real problem and then someone chimes in and hijacks the subject with a load of know it all attitude that was meant to point out that all of us several hundred or maybe thousands of fella's who call the Chain Idler/Tensioner a Chain Tensioner are a bunch of morons who dont know what we are talking about......and as we say around here where I'm from "this put a burr under my saddle" and I took it personal which I think is pretty obvious by my multiple responses.

Sorry for the ranting fella's I know there are a bunch of guys on here that know way more about many things than I do, and to all the very knowledgable people here who have helped me and many countless others I give you the respect you deserve by ending this fruitless attempt to convince the all knowing few of their error.

Please accept my apology for this last post here on this subject, but I just had to get this off my chest.


I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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