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Default Re: futillity in motion or not

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
Dont know what your point is here Aleman.....It's actually an Idler/Tensioner, if it maintains a set amount of tension on the chain it is a tension maintaining device with an idler wheel, so I would say it is both.
That is my point: it doesn't maintain tension. It's a guide wheel or an idler if it is rigid. If one is running a master link, the chain will have uneven slack anyway.

You may say it needs to be spring loaded and provide varying tension to be classified as a true self adjusting tensioner, NOT true... but my dang man why the freaking nit picking on something like this......?
If it's spring loaded, then it's a true tensioner, as it then supplies tension on the chain. If it lacks a spring, it's an idler. It's quite simple.

And as I I dont (petrol. base) oil my chains, talk to a pro kart racer who runs on dirt and you'll be told the same, oil attracks dirt, grit and grime which will limit the life of a chain....only in a somewhat dirt free enviroment does the oil not actually cause premature wear, yes oil is good to lube chains, but not when you are riding in a very dusty dirt enviroment like I do.

My chains are not running dry of lubrication as you seem to be getting at here, I do lube them with something called (TEFLON) which is about a 100 times slicker than chain lube oil.......and I'll bet my sprocket will out last longer than those that have been oiled and run in a very dusty dirty enviroment.
Cool story bro.

your not talking with a fella who is wet behind the ears here Aleman, I been involved in multiple type of motorsports for 30+ years and have seen and done a lot, so ease up on the BS your directing at me on these two subjects!
Cool story, too. Not BSing you, but I know the difference between an idler and a tensioner.

Not meaning to offend anyone here, but I don't like being jabbed at this way, so lets get the facts straight before we start with the crap throwing without reason.
Wasn't jabbing at ya either. Had my fill of people calling an idler a chain tensioner is all, and so I posted. Maybe I should have kept quiet, but I'm bound to say something eventually.

Check out these two links of clear tensioner definition and tell me what we use to keep our chains adjusted and tensioned is not a tensioner/idler.

Peace & happy safe riding all.

tensioner definition

belt tensioner definition

There is no spring mechanism in the stock idler. It has nothing to provide tension. If you adjust the idler so that the chain is tight, it's just going to wear out the wheel and cause more slack in the chain. Thus, it is not a tensioner. That is all.
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