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Default Re: badcycles from oz :-)

ha thats funny as i was in the same vote as you..

heres the story.,l beeing from a poor family and broke i built my own and serviced all my bikes and the neighbourhood kids,, which earnt me more bucks for projects my pushbikes were from the dump or of the side of the road on clean up day, still the best sorce for vintage parts.

finally i was given a mono shock push bike new for chrissy when i was 12 i think that thing weighed a ton but, that thing nearly killed me, but i still pested for a motor bike when they caught me shoe horning our lawn mower engine into a old pushy with no brakes dad bought me a mongose bmx i was king of the neighbourhood and started bmx racing this was supposed to cure me of my passion for a motorbike, yeah right..

,, my mums brothers grew up with bikes so mum was cool with it, only condition she had was you want a bike you get a job so you can pay for it,so at 14 i bought a old suzuki ts185 home in about 6 milk creats, 2 days later i was riding it around, ..
So many cars push bikes motor bikes later ive learnt some very important things.. how to make money save a fortune buy doing things myself andbeeing independent to name but a few,, it has taught me more about life and how to live then any lesson in school..everything i do today comes from the basic lessons i learnt on all theings motored etc.. so kids if you are reading this follow your passions and belive in your self..
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