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Sorry folks i didnt introduce my self my name is Dean im from wollongong australia its about a hour drive south of sydney australia on the south coast a industrial town with mountains escarpment on one side and the buetifull australian coast line on the other.. the town is deep inriched in culture and we have a large car and bike inthusiasim even though the local goverment does its best to kill of the sean a large majourity of the people custumise anything with wheels to there indavidual taste.. there is a abundence of american 50's to 70's mucle cars hot rods harleys and everything inbetween.. the motorised bycicles are a big hit here and even though the police are big on booking us for anything they can as we have a 200 watt limit on anything power assited here.. ive been doing my best to help get the mesage across about this cool gren for of transport.. and its cool just to have something different.. trafic conjestion is a majour problem with all societies around the world and is no different here.. as the goverment cant tax us , they want every thing to be registed and insured etc..
on a personal note ive been modafing cars and pushbikes since i was a little kid im now 43 years old.. the black chopper bike you see on my profile i dremnt up when i was 14 but no one would weld it up for me so about 10 years ago or so now when i was in to mountain bike riding big time all the boys started buying beach cruzers like the Dyno bikes to ride to the pub on a sunday ,, which gave me the insperation to build that chopper that was floatying in the back burner of my brain as i now could weld myself.. so thats how it all started with me.. whats your story???
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