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Default Re: Board Track Inspired Retro Mod...Newbie

Originally Posted by rook View Post
well I guess anything that would work, as far as motor. what size motor would get an aluminum bike up to 30-40 mph? I don't know if 30-40 is too high, but that's what I want to go for. As for the breaking system what do you all suggest? Oh and what type of tube would be best for fabricating some new lowered springer forks?
Everybody here is likely to have different preferences in regard to brakes. We all have different bikes, with different power-to-weight ratios so different kinds of brakes will feel different on each bike. But if you're looking at stopping power: I like my new Sturmey-Archer drum brake that came with the HD front wheel I purchased from Pirate Cycles. It's easy to control the amount of braking force you want to apply, and FORCE is the operative word. It'll stop you fairly well. I imagine a disk brake would work pretty well too, but I don't know the brands well enough to recommend any.

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