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Originally Posted by chriswf View Post
Okay okay... Uhm. I won't do it in frame then.

I want to do it on a rack though.

I find that I may need to go over a curb or two, I don't want to have to drag a trailer over it. Regardless of flexibility.

So 2.5HP from harbor freight is best?
I've read a million opinions... Just wanna make sure before I make the purchase tomorrow.
thing is that motors gonna be pretty big compared to the bike it self, i think it would make for an awkward rack mount.

bicycle engine kit, bike engine, bicycle engine, bicycle motor in the past he said he'd sell me a GT50R and rack along with everything i may need for $300, not sure if its still his asking price, but its only 49ccs, much smaller and lighter, i would think its better suited for your bike, he claims 4.2hp, idk if i really believe it though, but for what you said you want and what you're doing i'm sure it would have more then enough power.

just my thoughts....
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