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Default Re: futillity in motion or not

Originally Posted by dmb View Post
jim c get a sprocket adapter and ride trouble free pm me and i'll come by and show you. dennis
Hi Dennis
Most of the Jaguars have a conical rear hub which will not work with the adapters.
I would have suggested it lol and he doesn't need it.

The problem with the Jag builds is the large front tube and noobs get the
motor twisted. Also the tensioner, sorry i meant idler lol needs to be aligned
with the chain.

You were at the OC ride. Don the who got lost has a dependable
Jag 2 stroke build with a rag joint. I called him up cause I was worried
about him and it seems that he was ahead of the pack?????
So he basically completed the ride by himself LOL We were looking for him
and he didn't have anyones cell phone #!!! I guess it's a fast bike lol

I just bought another Jaguar today for $75 delivered. It looks like new
and it has the concave rear hub but I don't care as I will be upgrading the
wheels and shifting through the gears.

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